schwelle 7
 Ancsa Zsofia Überhardt 
& Christine BorcH
Montag, 07. - Freitag, 11. Oktober, 12-20 Uhr

Monday to Friday, October 07 - 11, 12am - 8pm



The intention with this week is to give and receive a whole lot of SMassages. By using the term SMassage we engage in a research into how healing & massage practices can take use and inspiration from techniques and methods present in BDSM. We hope to inspire the participants with a practice that can be developed further privately with a partner as well as in various play situations. 
The action of consciously applying pain as part of a massage has the potential of releasing deep tensions and old memories stored in the body. The deep relaxed and receptive state we arrive in during a massage allow us to let go of our usual mentally created control and protection patterns. This opens up for possibilities of shocking the body - without the body closing in on itself, but allowing us to enter and heal the subconscious. It is a creative and nonjudgemental process of applying unfamiliar touch and using pain as a positive vessel for possible healing. A deep listening into what type of engagement a certain situation is asking from us in order to touch the essence of what is needed. 
During the week we will be introducing SMassage techniques dealing with rhythm, speed, stretching, contraction, tension, acupuncture points and breath. Basically everything we can do with our hands, feet, knees, elbows, mouth as well as the whole body. 
We will be exploring through engagement with body, soul and spirit how to trust and make people feel trust in you, how to allow yourself to receive without giving anything in return, as well as simultaneously how to be able to give without asking anything specific in return and how to use our minds in supporting us to loose our minds. 
We welcome you to a weekend of sensorial surrendering. 
For more info on Ancsa and Christine´s individual work please visit 
Practical info:
# Each participant should bring a towel, a bed sheet, massage oil & comfortable clothing 
# The workshop will be taught in English

Anmeldung / Registration:
schwelle7 (at)

Weitere Informationen / More Information: 
Christine Borch: christineborch (at)

Kosten / Fee: 200.- € / 150,- € für Schwelle-7-Mitglieder
Geringverdiener sind eingeladen, persönlich in Verhandlung zu treten.
200.- / 150.- € s7-members / Reductions for low income on request.


 SLEEPING: We can host workshop participants directly in the studio. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.


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