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        is a dancer / choreographer / poet and teacher

Julyen Hamilton has been making and performing dances for 40 years throughout the world.
Born and brought up in England he trained in London in the 1970's, a time of radical experimentation, he has been an exponent of innovative performance since that time.
His work is mostly improvised : he composes dance works instantly as well as the texts which often accompany them.
His work with text is unique. It fuses naturally his long-term writing practice with his refined skills in dancing. 
When working with his company Allen's Line he directs dancers and lighting designers to make and perform work through this same immediacy.
Since the 80's he has performed constantly in close collaboration with many high quality musicians from all over Europe. It is with some of these musicians that he gives readings of his poetry.
He is well respected for his teaching which reflects his research and development into efficient ways in which technique can evolve and improvisational creativity might be imparted. He is regularly invited to teach in major training centres throughout the world, his pedagogy centring on the elements of space, time, voice and dramaturgy.
He is at present performing the solos 'The Immaterial World'  /   ‘The Forerunner’  and  ‘PLAY - scene 8’, performing with bass player Barre Phillips
and in productions of The Wheel in Brussels and The Needle in Berlin.
In this period his company Allen's Line has been performing their latest piece ‘Goat Ocean’  Paris / Bruxelles and Berlin.
As a pianist he plays regularly with  Voluptuous   in Berlin and Brussels.
His label ‘BLUE DOG DVDs’ produces videos of his performances on DVD.
His first poetry/music cd 'The Edge of Letters' was released in 2011 and his new album 'Even Storms Break' with bassist Wilbert de Joode comes out later this year.

This years workshop continues the theme from last years workshop:

 - WORKING  with OBjeCtS -
 workshop for advanced level 
 DECEMBER, 14 - 18, 2015 
 daily FROM 2 pm - 6 pm

Julyen Hamilton’s performances are characterised by a number of different reoccurring elements. These elements have been deeply researched and practiced over the years. They involve light / sound / text and speech ….and the use of objects. 

His decor work and use of objects in the space is of essence and accompanies all of his theatre pieces.

OBjeCtS placed, handled, spoken to, danced beside, destroyed and created…all reveal a particular poetry especially when in the context of the ‘naked’ dancer’s body.

We will take a look at this subject, working the body thoroughly and in the context of objects ‘on stage’. 
We’ll consider and practice how to enter into poetic relationships with objects and discover how they can participate and reveal further layers of imagery in performance.

Fees: 5 days:  200 Euros /  s7-members 150 Euros

To keep the level of the workshop advanced, Julyen would like to select Participants.
So first, please contact Julyen directly, sending him some C.V. or other material about you. 


When Julyen gives his ok for your participation, then register with schwelle7:


SLEEPING: We can accomodate workshop participants in the studio. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.

workshop in English!