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Association schwelle7
schwelle 7 is a non-profit-organization run by the association Compagnie Felix Ruckert / Berlin e. V. We are looking for individuals who would like to become members of the association and/or help with the organization and development of the space. Members have  25 -30% reduction on most workshops and  free entrance to some other events. If you are interested in a membership, please see here.....
We are always looking for ideas for exciting workshops. We give preference to concepts which combine techniques or fields of knowledge in a surprising way. Workshops may take place once a week or once only during a weekend. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have something interesting to suggest.
schwelle 7 is particularly interested in developing forms of participative Live Performance.
Most important for us are theatre or dance projects, where co-presence - collaboration and communication between actors and "recipients" play a central role. This thought of radical participation breaks with the tradition of the silent spectator who remains in the dark. We attempt to achieve a de-hierarchalization of the relationship between the stage and the audience, and wish to free cultural consumers to become participant artists. Artistic competence should make spatial and technical instruments of manipulation redundant. The performance pays attention to the performance space, and not the other way around. The space of schwelle sieben remains present in its particular character and aesthetic. „Place“ rather than „black box“.
Sleeping at schwelle
Participants of our workshops can sleep in the studio. Price is 10 Euros a night per person.  More...
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